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sobota, 30 listopada 2019

"Secret Window" Notebook

A mixed media hard cover notebook made from scratch :)
Long live recycling ;)


"Once Upon A Time" Junk Journal

Junk Journal cover inspired by fairytales :)

There's been a junk journal challenge running at ArtGrupaATC for whole year - there's still time to join till December 24. Just click the link above and follow Wiola's instructions for each month:)
I thought I wouldn't make mine but surprisingly I did ;) 

When I saw November challenge at Mixed Media Academy I had to take part ;)

My cover also goes to great challenge at Scrap Magia 

poniedziałek, 18 listopada 2019

sobota, 16 listopada 2019

"Sigmund Freud's The Interpretation Of Dreams" Art Journal

My art journal is about a dream of roaming around an old , abandoned a bit creepy town - a treat for Mr. Freud, I think ;)


Journal page goes to 13 @rts November Challenge
I got inspired by the gloomy mood of the forest.
I used white splash ;)